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  • Personal Marketing 2.0 - companies apply for applicants

    Status Quo

    The Google search for "skill shortages" generated 486,000 results. At the top you will find products from the mirror, the time in the world and also the FAZ, which all have the same tenor: There is tight for Germany recruiter. The times in which we relish the candidate has chosen, are over once and for all!

    But not only the major publishers engage this issue on increasing, even politics and business meet for the actions forced. This was also the 1st Saxon Arbeitgebertag in Dresden, which on 13/11. employed throughout this issue. A drop of 450,000 able-bodied men, aged 15 to 65 years in Saxony by 2025 compared to today speaks volumes. And now there is according to the Federal Employment Agency 1,000 apprenticeships more in Saxony, as there are candidates.

    How important is good staff and how dramatic can vacancies impact on sales, Studies by the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO and the consulting firm Ernst & Young. These have identified as staff shortages and bottlenecks KnowHow affect the sales and reported deficits of € 11 billion per year for the IT sector and € 30 billion for the field of small and medium enterprises.
    Companies apply for applicants

    This will be the watchword for the future. There is no longer solely the applicant who must prove over Vitae, certificates and references where he comes from and what he can. It is also increasingly the company be itself which must prove just what it is and what it can. Namely, based on its expertise as an employer.

    Change of perspective is the motto of those who have to face many recruiters now whether they want to or not. What exactly moves the candidate? What does he expect from us as a company? How can we inspire him, motivate and persuade to apply exactly to us and not the competition?

    This needs to be in personnel marketing seize and to answer precisely where the potential candidate meets one's own company. These points of contact or neudeutsch also "touchpoints" are very important, because here already an opinion in the head established the seeker, long before you have exchanged a word with him. Who dimensional thinking here in Facebook, is ill-advised.
    Recruiting in Ausbildungsmarketing

    The Recruiting Funnel shows the example of the claim group of trainees, which way a student goes until he submits an application. And precisely these neuralgic points personnel marketing must begin.

    The student takes his time and influence. He can, however, no longer impress or fobbed off by bare promotional speech. Formulations from ancient times, where each company was the biggest, best and most innovative, produce, at best, a contemptuous smile on the face of the seeker. The company has come up over all these touchpoints across with values, it needs to understand the user to convince itself by giving rise of that an authentic and transparent picture of the own strengths as an employer in the head.

    These values, combined employer branding or "employer brand", form the cornerstone of communications and indeed across all media. Whether career site, job posting or newspaper ad, the statements must be the same everywhere. Specifically, the print media play in recruiting remains a big role. Do not forget that parents and grandparents and has immense importance in students. The first stumbling block is often thrown from them and if they are an apprenticeship in your company for good, then this is for you half the battle.

    About employer branding and the importance of job I have written here already in detail, so I will save me again picking up. I want instead to comment on three elements of recruiting and share some knowledge and experience with you.
    Google AdWords

    Job seekers use almost always install the Google search engine. This is as safe as the Amen in church. Man is so knit, that he employs learned processes at every opportunity and the Google search is now once learned. Even the call of Facebook is very often on Google search and not on the browser address bar. We were able to observe almost all students have taught that we "School Social Web" in the workshops.

    From us unreacted campaigns an important number have brought to light: We have measured that 75% of visitors to a career or training search on a Google ad (AdWords) come. Even more interesting is the fact that of all applications via an online form each 5. Application is a direct conversion through Google AdWords. That is, the applicant has to search for the specific job at Google, clicked on the ad and applied.

    Here the change of perspective again plays an important role - we need to understand what users want, how they act and what moves them. The behavior of a user on the Internet is often explained logically. Those looking for something that will also be quickly found. Clicks on page two of the Google search results are therefore unlikely. Eye tracking studies confirm the - eyes linger on the top search results and the ads at the right side. If you are placed there with ads or in the organic search results and make the Web user motivation, you have won.

    As simple as this may sound in theory, difficult as it is partly in the implementation - a very good knowledge of Google bid management, understanding of keywords and cooperation between SEO Specialist and Online editor (Maintenance of Website CMS) are mandatory Conditions.
    Importance of QR codes

    They can be found on posters, Job, posters, business cards, flyers - oddly enough even to online media. They should give the impression that behind the information on a RollUp are much more meaningful and important content, if you would only go online. However, they are often simply inserted incorrectly or the process behind it is not thought through. In my colleague Alex has also been reported in the blog.

    However, what we can also be stated as part of the campaign, is the very restrained use of QR codes, especially in the area of ​​recruiting. Only just over 1% of all hits on online media generated through QR codes. This is in my opinion very little that a QR code but takes up considerable space. Especially in the newspaper ads segment space is a valuable commodity, what you want to exploit as efficiently as possible. A QR Code along with description plus the link to site take up much space, but does not yet really make much sense. This looks at other areas of communication quite different, in recruiting the conclusion is rather meaningful to use the space and simply place the URL. To measure the effectiveness of print ads, I recommend rather to use a referrer link, which can be as the tracking code of the QR code also individual Siert.
    Onsite Actions

    In a nutshell is the conclusion: Nothing beats actions locally. If you have the opportunity to address students and professionals in schools, colleges or trade shows, they do so. Internships within the company or information events are ideally suited to address suitable applicants in direct contact and motivate. Some companies also take part in taster weeks - that's traineeships in speed dating principle, where students one week every day to visit another company. Recruitment fairs are often visited by those interested to keep informed and let inspire.

    It is important that you should always be prepared for students with their parents and grandparents. This must also be picked up and excited, as they are often the true decision makers.

    We have experienced that it looks quite positive if the information about the company and the training course is not only transmitted from human resource personnel, but authentic of trainees and colleagues. In addition, the employee slip total then willing in the multiplier role - an important point in personnel marketing, involve its own employees.

    When times sidelined leaves the discussion worthy efforts of some companies where employees singing and dancing way trying to generate interest without really saying something, then there are very good examples of authentic storytelling about employees. Prominent examples are the Zurich Public Transport called where employees present the vacancies in videos.

    Who now but believes that it is possible so overnight the number of applicants increased dramatically, let me tell you that this process takes time. And another little tip at the end - you not only optimize your performance as an employer, but also raise the internal processes of application management to a new level. The personnel staff and the applicants will thank you.

    // Short and divisible //
    The time is ripe for the next level in personnel marketing. A change in perspective and breaking with old structures may tip the balance in the "war for talent".

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