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Information for applicants

Information for applicants


you are a qualified worker in an understaffed profession and can chose your future employer here at! 

Important is that you are taking a role of acknowledged experts in. If you have an education that is not acknowledged here yet, your chance of getting a good offer by an employer might be smaller.  Else, you should bare in mind, that your current employer could find your profil.
It will take a few months before search engines will find your Job- Profil. We thus recommend you a longtime placement. We assume that you are going to continue your work until you may find a better postion anyway.  

The standard entry is for comletely free of charge!!  You are able to book some special features like 

- in auction list in bold type 

- noticably marked in tender list

- being on homepage

- in upper part of list within your catagory

for consideration though.


Booking additional features is voluntary and subject of charge. The fee is to be paid via Epay in forehand and can be taken over by your future employer. 

When setting your profil, please bare the minimum wage in mind that should be the absolute minimum level.

Please also note reagional differences regarding the salary level within a branch of specialists. Doing so, you can strategically decide, if moving to a better paid region be worth it for you. You might even negotiate a compensation or grant for your relocation.

Flexibility gets rewarded!

The starting salary is not of great importance for you, as you receive the offers of the employers yourself and thus can independently decide which employer's offer you accept. You chose the offer of an employer after your own wishes and expectations. For this is of great importance that not the highest bidder automatically becomes your new employer! 

As soon as you have made your choice, the employer gets information on your acceptance and receives your personal contact details just like you receiving the employers contact details.   

Please make sure that the application on this job portal is truthful. If we may get the impression that you only provide your highly trained labour for fun, we will be blocking your account.

Further please avoid reference to your person when placing your application documents on this website. Personal contact details are only allowed for your registration. Hints on your person in your application documents will be deleted immediately. Please mind your privacy protection. Thus please currupt all your details to your person in your application documents We can only grant data protection, if you abide the guidelines. In case of a mediation, only the one employer you have chosen will get access to your private contact details. The application process is anonymously as names get cryptically encoded. You use a photo of you or chose one of our profil pictures.

We are happy to help you with your search for a new job, a new employer respectively, and next to that help you to get a salary according to performance.

Use the economic basic principle of supply and demand and accomplish what politics have not been able to the last 20 years.

According to culculations, that the demographic change of the coming years will force a lack of professionals of approximately 750.000 for the care sector in Germany. Meaning there is a fertile ground for better salaries for this sector, which is in the end profitable for everyone. Better compensation and appreciation of the work done, will lead to a higher quality of the daily work, which is in the sense of dependent people and patients.  Also in other sectors of the economy in which qualified staff lack, it will certainly come to a salary incease, as the demand will rise. 

Among many employers it is already today an accepted strategy to stay competetive by binding good qualified staff longtime.

Tariff agreements like they can happen here on will - according to our opinion - be subject of negotiations of care rates and maybe receive confirmation by the BSG, as supply and demand meet completely free and thus to be reffered to be stock market price similiar. 

We understand ourselves as a mediator between you and your future employer - as an addition to the common job market. We do not mediate job contract as such, but help coordinating the initiation of a contract. 

We wish you success with your action and possible wage negotiations with your future employer! 

If you may have any questions or impulses, please contact