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on you can easily and quick find new qualified staff.

This website is supposed to offer the opportunity to find a qualified worker for your business. As you know the information on applicants, you safe a lot of money and time you can spend on your every day business. Finding a qualified worker here on might safe you from time consuming and costly application processes or even personalagenyies respectively headhunters.  You only pay if you want to get to know a certain applicant, who's requirements and wishes you already know. 

How much you are going to outbid your competitors monetarily is of course up to you. But please bare in mind that applicants not only react on monetry bids but also on qualitative attractions. 

The highest bidder is not necessarily the one getting the acception. At  the applicant decides whether he wants to get to know you - the employer. 

Please also note that we are only active in terms of arrangement of a contract and after our law expertise no concrete contracts take place. 

A Tariff requirement is not necessarily the upper limit for qualified staff. We consider for e.g. the care sector the interpretation of the decision made by the federal social court 16/05/2013, Az.: B3 P2/12 R as an appropriate option of getting refinanced. 

Next to employee representatives numerous employer associations believe that care jobs are not payed well enough and thus require political chances in order to make the caring profession attractive again. As Politics, as is so often the case, do not react, we think that economy should do so.

If you start from the above mentioned decision, one might pose the question why you and other employer do not put this salary for the care sector into practise. 

Who stands to lose, when arbitration boards consider higher payments as appropriate and grant it to you respectively your employee.

In coming years it will be of great importance for employers of sectors, in which qualified staff lack, to find employees and bind them to the company in the long term.

Where is your disadvantage if you get the salary paid acknowledged as appropriate and refinanced. 

Consider this website as a great chance to find employees and bind them to your company. You will find employees, whos employer did not realize yet, that skilled workers are rare and desearve more appreciation.

Use your chance and send a signal that you are willing to pay higher salary and activily advocate for qualified staff.

If your job offer promises the qualified worker, he can accept the bid and both can exchange contact details. Contract negotiations can start and you can get to know each other personally. 

We consider ourselves as mediators between you and your future employee, we do not mediate contracts, but the initiation of such. After you have got to know each other you can decide whether you want to offer an employment contract. 

It goes without saying that the in forehand - when offered the job, accepting the wishes of the employee - promised working conditions are content of the contract and the new relationship of trust does not get stressed. 

This website is considered as a  means of appreciation of your employee. 

This service costs you as employer only

general 199,-€ plus VAT.

general 99,00 Euro plus VAT until the 30th of  Nov. 2015

per accepted bid. 

Decide yourself, of you rather spend 99,00 € for the employee you wish to met or approx. 1,200 € for newspaper advertisement  or internet publications, where you do not know who sees the advert or whether a qualified worker recognises you.  

Important is, that the applicant (the one who sets the entry) does not have to pay for the service. In addition to the basic service, the applicant can pay for additional settings (bold type or placement on starting site) though. He might wish you to compensate for this. 

The great advantage of this site is absolutely obvious: you do not pay for monthly online jobtenders or newspaper adverts. Tiresome selection processes shorten immensely. You thus only pay for the employee, who you could imagine to employ and made an offer. Further is the fee for the service far below the common fees at online portals or newspapers.

The employee, who accepts your bid, is already satisfied with your offer and just wants to meet youin person. 

Next to monetary incentives you should use the free text field, which is an obligatory field, to describe the advantages of working for you by giving the employy an understanding of the workplace, working environment as well as worling atmosphere etc. 

The salary is the key element of this aktion platform, but the emplyee can as well chose an employer that pays less but seems to have other advantages. 

We wish you success by searching for you dream employee by using the job portal!

If you may have any questions, do not hesitate to contact

Your - Team!