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The lack of skilled workers leads to reversal of the application procedure

Its a basic economic principle that the market is ruled by supply and demand and the scarce resource ensures an advantage. Previously work and jobs have been scarce, so that employee had to apply for these. nowadays, in times of skills shortage, this is reversed. Thus employers no longer can decide if they want to employ the skilled expert but employee decide whether they want to get employed by this employer or not.  Consequently employers should apply as amployer for skilled specialists, in order to meet their need of skilled workers. All branches that are affected by the lack of skilled workers know, that employers only stay on the market, if they are able to hold skilled workers in order to fill orders. 

As an employer, use to offer your applicants good jobs and make sure they receive your appreciation. 

As an employee you decide after your personal criteria, which employer gets your acceptance. The employer applies, gives monetary and other incentives, which you - as an employee - can accept or not.  

We help you to find perfomrance based pay and a new employer that conforms with your preconceptions with !