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to the new Job Portal. For using this Portal you do not necessarily have to be looking for a new job - you could also just see whether you might get a better job offer by another employer. As experience shows, that workers who are currently employed have better chances on a decent wage than applicants who are currently searching for an employment.

Use your chance to attempt. Without any additional features it is completely free of charge!!!

Many people working in nursing jobs and other branches with a lack of skilled employee complain about missing appreciation and possibly bad payment.  On this site you have the chance to get appreciated by your possibly new employer, as the main principle of this job portal is, that employer promote themselves in order to get their bid accepted.

Thus also aspects like working atmosphere or distance to work might be more imortant for you than your wage. Your new employer might possibly not be the one with the highest bet but the most attractive side aspects. 

Only you decide which employer you want to get to know!

You are asolutely anonymously on our site, as you will receive coded names! Hints to identity are prohibited.

For more information click on information for applicants.

We wish you success with your bargaining and your search for the employer that appreciates you. 

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