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The job offers come in the specialist auction by the employer!

An employer who has a specific need for skilled labor and can not cover more than classic Job it or him are classic application process too time-consuming and costly, it can here make job offers to the specialist auction qualified personnel (with a specific job request).

The selection process is running it from concealed, the contract will be taken at the end of the tender only by the employee. The undertakings submitted by the employer Job offers are not only bound the highest salary. There are other criteria explicitly for candidates important and he can decide according to his gut feeling. The function of the highest bid is disabled. It will therefore not be the case that at an expert is "bought" against their will. The expert has on the contrary a choice of the best job offers various employers and can easily compare the matching and then decide. There is also no compulsion to have to decide on one of the jobs. You can also let the tender shall be granted without a surcharge expire even if you have received various and good deals.

It is not surprising why there are so many job offers and also still many unemployed appear in official statistics, if the skill requirements of employers always rise and form only sporadic own professionals. For the candidates, it is also very stressful if they received numerous rejections because their job profile now not quite fit on the offered post. Here it is a lot easier when the employer himself can make an image of a qualification profile and then an application is performed. This allows a much more efficient and fairer for applicants Bewerbungsathmosphäre be created, since the number of incorrect applications falls sharply. Also, the workload for the employer can be significantly reduced.

The biggest advantage of online application is obvious: the timely receipt of the documents - a not insignificant factor in the number of applicants. In addition, the potential candidate suggests that he can cope well with modern means of communication. Another advantage is that you can set up in larger companies User Accounts, where you can track the status of the application. If it did not with the desired position, then there is often still a chance in the applicant pool of the company to stay. The delivery and an appropriate response to the application usually arrives much faster.

Some companies have special programs which examine the letter on keywords, to find out as quickly as possible, which application is interesting. Only when a certain amount of keywords appears, there is a real chance in the application process one lap to get ahead. Therefore, it is advisable to make about thoughts before writing of the letter which keywords might be well sought by prospective employers.