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The professional sales can not be compared with traditional job boards!

Traditional job boards align with your offer mainly to employers. The respective jobs are at the forefront of the then can apply interested applicants. This often leads to numerous false applications and thus also to cancellations because the vacancies are often not with the candidate - identical qualifications. For employers is particularly not guaranteed in professional shortage industries that they can ever meet staffing needs this job boards, the competition is very large and the candidates very scarce.

This worsened the personnel situation in professional shortage occupations tilts this ancient and current image of an application run in the opposite. So we are reversing the traditional Jöbbörsen.

Also, it is not required to be specifically looking at us, it is rather to be seen as insurance that you always have the best job. One can even without specific request to change a job profile and upload it and just wait if there are other employers who want an interesting offer or if you should be satisfied with the job.

In the specialist auction, therefore there are also no job offers of employers, but the candidate is the focus and can be found to offer in this way his desire job in which he can submit job offers from interested employers.

Currently Germany is bringing up the rear on posts on job boards. In this country, only about 18% of the company more than 25 applications have each ad and thereby the recruitment costs increase dramatically. Even the numbers of settings to an advertisement in job fairs in Germany far beyond the numbers of e.g. Scandinavian countries. Here about 50% of the settings on the Internet are made, although this rate is in Scandinavian countries more than 80%. In professional shortage sectors because of strong competition, high demand and lack of ending professionals remain often not suitable candidates left for the advertised position. Only employers that stand out from the crowd there still opportunities to obtain an appropriate specialist.

Applications are now digital. Some 60 percent of Germans use the job boards in their job search, and the offer is huge. More than 1800 online exchanges there are in this country. The largest and best known are Monster, Stepstone and the job market of the employment agency with over 57,000 deals. But far from the leader now specialize in certain areas, numerous portals. And for good reason: There were "the deals better tailored to the candidate," says Gerhard Kenk of Crosspro.

win Special Exchanges

The company asked workers for five years for the best job boards. And now shows: The winners are by no means always the largest suppliers. The trend instead towards special market. "The portals are always small-scale and fragmented," says Kenk.
Six tips for job seekers

1. Specifically, suggests General
2. Try different job titles
3. Creating a profile
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