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Job Advertisements at Fachkraftauktion unfold differently

At Fachkraftauktion employer and job applicants can turn the application process around.

The applicant publishes a specific job profil, to which an employer can make an individual offer.

The statements of the offer are completely up to the applicant. The employer estimates whether he can meet the appliants wishes and offers an appropriate job.

But the employee is the one making a decision in the end. He decides, which employer might suit best and accepts the bid. Hereby laborous announcements of common job advertisements may be dispensed. For employees as well as for employer this way of coming together is easier and more effective.

We turn around the application process and thus ensure that the applicant can choose between the employers' offers. Through this the applicant can assume that he chose the best suitable offer. Crucial are only the employee's mentioned criteria though. The fuction of the 'highest bidder winning' is switched off.