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The specialist auction is no job market in the true sense!

In the specialist auction is, compared to jobs at a traditional job market, workers in the foreground. This can advertise a specific job request online and can submit job offers from interested employers.

The specifications of the desired job are here the employee. Especially in professional shortage occupations so the employee to better negotiating position, because he. Of the job offers more employers who can choose for themselves the best terms and conditions

Our job exchange revolves around the application process and provides in particular in specialist shortage occupations for the candidates as well as for seeking employers an easy and fast basic with no effort to find the suitable candidates and to submit an offer, which can assert itself to good professionals compete. Especially in these times good and qualified personnel is essential in many industries and is considered a competitive advantage.

Professionals have in the job market specialist auction a personal matching a simple and transparent way to perform a content comparison and find the best deal for themselves.

Nowadays in the employment exchanges a significant proportion of the sites will be offered and the market greatest popularity. Specifically seeking employer must be aware that it solely for publicity and promotional activities of the respective job exchange pay her rent agreed, because it is not particularly professional shortage occupations there the prospect of suitable candidates guaranteed.

Currently very few websites that exist on the subject of labor are really interested that there are numerous candidates for the vacant position, because of course affect by the failure of individual employers longer ads promising and can be easy for the customer said that it is currently very difficult to find suitable professionals.

With professional sales, however, the job market is only a charge when it has come to a surcharge and specific candidate. The search for professionals and also make an offer are completely free.

For applicants, the advantage is very obvious, and can be as a candidate on our site actually only make everything right, as here compared by a true comparison individual job offer and the best can be confirmed. Therefore, it can not provide for applicants to assess their own market value better to be able to compare the different offers anonymously.

The application process of the selection procedure can therefore exploit ideal for candidates. But employers also have the chance to prevail as the best employer competition for good professionals and can be confident that candidates Although anonymous know the competitors and their offers can appreciate that but they have to award the contract only a Working donor and therefore the have received the address of the best job tenderer.