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Nurse salary over 3000, - EURO possible

Nurse salaries as "BAT old" possible again

The times when a nurse with low levels had to be satisfied, are finally over.
A normal nurse can without problems already 3.000, - Euro deserve and more. Nowadays, it is normal that you compare for cheap energy suppliers with their own and why you should not do the job well? The shortage of skilled workers in the health and elderly care is so extreme that thunderstorms providers need to pull back from the segment if they can not find good staff and before that happens willing their employees much better remunerated. The salary for a nurse course does not increase by a tariff adjustment or over the years just like that on this high value. No, it must therefor be taken a slightly different path.

You have to actively look for a new job with better salary for nurses!

Who now be nursing - exam may also simply send again to other employers just for fun, which will soon notice that it does not say "I hope I get a good job" but "who has more content for me as a nurse." But money alone does not bring happiness and a nurse who is to sacrifice for patients not adequately available to demand more money for their own vocation. The used previously many employers shamelessly for their greed and kept the salaries of nurses deliberately low. Here humanity and care of the nurses for the optimization of the company's success is exploited.

We believe that good and valuable work for people may be expensive also and nurses must earn a good salary.

That is now over, now the nurses are to act and can choose the job that exactly matches both financially and in the working environment and the activity to their wishes.

Benefits of for increasing nurse salary

You are a nurse actually satisfied with their content and also with their job and do not want to wander about and the best-paid job, then they are exactly right with us. Simply register on our website and can be prepared by activation of the profile upload an anonymous CV and simply wait, which employers submit them a better deal. You then have the choice of employers who find their profile interesting and can filter out an employer about their own "gut feeling" Matching and only if they really want it grant the contract. Once you have awarded the contract, the address data is exchanged and you can imagine with her already negotiated salary there. Should you, however, just sometimes want to know what other employers are willing to pay salary for your nurse, then let the bid anonymous leak and go with the information that you another employer has made a better offer to their employer and negotiate there a new salary as a nurse.

We are completely free and without commitment, unless you wish.

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