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Candidates matching as in the partner exchange


In talent management is all subsumed under "Matching" in terms of the balance of your resume and requirements. Consultant Martin Classen has a special outgrowth of this trend in grain: A US brokerage operates "matching" under their rules for employers.
That it still nobody has come earlier: the differences between a brokerage and a work with us are negligible. Pot lid investigated. This obvious extension of the business model of singles on the American Jobs brokerage E-Harmony is now active in the global labor market. If by far more than half a million deals initiated marriages just under four percent were divorced, the digital search-find algorithm of "Elevated Careers" is also determined in the professional field work: "E-Harmony wants to match you with the perfect boss ". From a first-class manager dreams every talent.

"Matching" is the partner-search logic

The psycho-logic of such exchanges is quite simple. An employer has a profile. An applicant also has certain characteristics. If one both superimposed one recognizes in this "matching" the "Fit". The same, the better. Basically, it means the E-Harmony boss Neil Warren, are expected in the work and love life anyway largely the same. On both sides mainly adaptability, conscientiousness, agreeableness would count. Whether as in the brokerage at work the appearance plays a role, Warren read in an interview to the Washington Post with a meaning smile openly.

So how does the job market in detail? A questionnaire with approximately 200 items compares candidate and job offer in four dimensions: cultural status of the company, object of the job, personality characteristics of the immediate supervisor and characteristics of close colleagues.
First Date with the employer

Now, if the paper has great match, it comes to a personal meeting. The question "with me, with you or better yet at a neutral site?" Needless. It is considered an ironclad job board that the employer invites.

These talent management column not want to close without before - to warn worst five sets on the first date - according to investigative Internet research: the worst comes, "I will not tell you as I am, that you have to find out for themselves" (53 percent) , Immediately afterwards, "I am nothing special" (50 percent). Course number three is an all too transparent "Carpe Diem" (33 percent). When single meeting promotional phrases like apply "For me, the glass is not half empty" (27 percent) and "I am loyal, honest and reliable" (24 percent) can be problematic. And even with the job market counts at the end of the day nothing more than authenticity.

Martin Classen has founded in 2010, the consulting firm PeopleSoft Consulting. Talent management is one of its five focus areas in the HR consulting.

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