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Florence Nightingale studied - Pflegenotstand can be stopped


August 26
10:27 - 2015
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Strengthening the nursing staff back, the only way to the nursing crisis stop nurse as desired occupation of young women, that was then. Gone are the days when Florence Nightingale was considered a model for a whole society. The everyday care looks terrifying and makes the dream job into a nightmare, so hang within five years 8 of 10 nurses her teaching again on the nail.

Because of the tight staffing in nursing homes, two nurses must often take care of up to 30 in some cases severely patients requiring care. The fixed daily routine makes this a real stress test. All residents must be awakened, showered and provided with food. Each of the patients wants attention, a nice speech and time for individual discussions. No sooner is the caregiver in a patient already ringing the call system and the next patient needs them.

The fact that not only remain patient, but also the nurses themselves on the track, is obvious. Here we must act, the situation will not worsen further in the future, considering that the proportion of older people will rise even further in the coming years.

The nurses are daily exposed to high loads. You barely have time to do the urgent tasks properly, let alone actually taking care of the needs of patients. Often they just make it, to avoid accidents, for example, if bedridden residents try to get up itself.

"We can understand the anger of relatives thoroughly. This complain for fear that we are not there in time to accompany the patient to the toilet or to enrich food. But what shall we do? The staffing level is very thin, and then added cases and not manned, it is not easy enough, even if we do what we can ", it bring many employees to the point.

But that is not enough to stressful eight hours of hard work, the nurse goes even for some shopping before they take care of the family. The view of the wallet reveals that large jumps are not possible and low take fresh dominates the shopping list.

This look behind the scenes of the everyday care quickly makes clear why there is a real shortage of skilled workers here. The new professionals Portal has set out to help the nurses about to break the vicious circle at least partially. Nurses can do it with the help of the portal manage to find a new employer who regularly provides them free weekends and can be its employees appreciation bestowed. And significantly more content for the hard work pays.

The professionals Portal revolves around the search algorithm. Apply for the scarce resource - professional - must be the employer. The technician carries their personal wishes to a workstation in order to then first to look in a protected space for new employers. And the decision whether and with what employers they come into contact, is the sole specialist. You will remain anonymous until they are to see themselves.

Since it is for the employer - an effort, you want to win good, reliable power for themselves.
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