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PSG II is on the way. Personnel allocation inside topic professionals missing


The Federal Cabinet has brought the Second Care Act Strengthening the legislative route. Content, there have been some changes since the first draft. So is now to be launched by mid-2020, a personnel assessment procedures. We have summarized the most important reactions for you.
Next there was a clarification of the care kit agreements, shares of bpa with. Accordingly, the maintenance records for the year 2016 should not be frozen as originally planned. Negotiations on adjustments to the nursing rates, for example because of salary increases, may be possible.
Personal design method is correct but too late
At the scheduled personnel allocation method bpa President Bernd Meurer said, an important and correct signal, but by mid-2020, there are still five years. We need along the way a faster improvement ".
For Elisabeth Scharfenberg of the Alliance '90 / The Greens, this takes much too long. It smells powerfully by symbolic politics "Scharfenberg said: The working conditions in nursing must be quickly improved This is a condition in order for the nursing profession to attract more people and there to bind longer.".
The DBfK calls a master plan care ". Because it had to be ensured that in ten years of care can be provided even in Germany. This master plan must include concepts for various forms of service offerings and give an answer to it, then who will care. The care reform 2015 is only a first step, "said DBfK national manager Franz Wagner.
The ver.di union called on the federal government to the countries to make clear requirements for staffing in nursing homes.
Without professionals reform is a flop
Similarly, this provides the German Nursing Council. After in recent years had been invested for care providers, especially in the creation of posts, then something must be done even with the nurses. Only with better personnel allocation reform is also long-term success, "said its president, Andreas Westerfellhaus the world." Westerfellhaus said: "." If there are not enough qualified and motivated professionals, this care reform is a flop on the skills shortage remains the policy each no answer ".
Diakonie-President Ulrich lily adds: The second part of the Care Support Act is no answer to the skills shortage in nursing. No reform will work without sufficient qualified personnel. If we do not take care of it, even the best care reform will not achieve their goal. "
Restricting choice is not a solution
Basic need for change provides the VDAB: The bill sat on power control and restrictions on the freedom of choice to the detriment of patient care. In addition, will obviously also held at the primary strengthening lay care. This is in view of demographic change the wrong way, says the association.
Source: sc-Newsletter # 13 /, 2015.
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